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  Banana SCRUBS® Brand Protection

The only way to really appreciate the Banana SCRUBS® brand is to experience it through our high quality scrub apparel. And the only way to get into our trendy fashions is by visiting our Brand Store or by shopping our company website.

Our unique lifestyle is truly felt through the energy of the in-store experience. With great tunes thumping in the background and our smiling faces there to help you find exactly what you need, our Brand Store brings to life the Banana SCRUBS lifestyle. Likewise, our website can bring that same experience right to your laptop or mobile device.

Since 1994, we've dedicated ourselves to the art of designing and manufacturing the finest quality American-made scrub apparel. But don't be fooled by second-rate imitations. Cheaply made imports are no substitution for the authentic brand. Banana SCRUBS® is a private label brand. And to protect its intellectual property rights, resale of our merchandise for personal or business profit is strictly prohibited. Authentic Banana SCRUBS® brand clothing is not available at conventional uniform shops nor through other online retailers. We do not sell wholesale.

At Banana SCRUBS, we take great pride in our brand and will not tolerate any unauthorized use of our trademarks, service marks, logos or trade names. Such trademarks, service marks, logos and trade names are protected by U.S. trademark laws and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

If you think that you have seen Banana SCRUBS® brand clothing somewhere other than on our company website or at our brand store, please let us know by sending an email to:

Banana Scrubs is a private label brand protected by U.S. trademark laws.


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